Quiz Night

Donate to Christian Aid Here: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/worthvalleycaidgroupor342737

Come join us for a Virtual Pub Quiz raising funds for the vital work of Christian Aid.

Instructions for the Quiz Night: Please Read

→ Make your donation: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/worthvalleycaidgroupor342737
We know that finances are tight for some people currently, so you don’t have to donate in order to join the quiz. We would ask, however, that you do consider if you might be able to donate to the work of Christian Aid.

→ Gather your team: Get a team together and nominate a captain (they’ll be in charge of submitting answers). Work out how you are going to connect your team (zoom/facetime/skype etc). To give yourself time to be ready gather your team together at 7:30pm, drinks in hand with the only answer form ready to go (link below)

→ Register your team: The team captain should register for the quiz here, (make sure you pick a round for double points):
We will mark all the entries and release scores once this is done, if you register and fill it the online answer sheets you can see how you rank against others and could win a small prize!
You can play along with a pen and paper just for fun if you would rather.

→ Watch the Quiz: Everyone taking part should head to our YouTube channel for the live show by 7:45pm, here’s the link: https://youtu.be/ka7c_JFPJB0
Or you can search on Youtube for West Lane Baptist Church Haworth
The quiz starts at around 7:45 pm, but the live stream will be running from 7:30pm – if you get there early you may need to refresh the page at 7:30pm.

→ Submit your answers: As you are playing along get your team captain to fill in the online answer forms. After you have filled in each round, a link to the next rounds answer sheet should appear. If not they are all here:

Round 1: General Knowledge: https://forms.gle/wkspWs82Up1raXmeA
Round 2: Name to a Face: https://forms.gle/bRUhBHX2tegEKBhL7
Round 3: 1940’s: https://forms.gle/3Q1eqFuxbAHbN6Uk6
Round 4: Connections: https://forms.gle/LoLMH8mVJusmWfzp7
Round 5: Name the year: https://forms.gle/1BSs7MeesdfKEznW8


Normally at this time of year the Worth Valley Christian Aid group would be hosting a pop-up charity shop in Haworth, delivering and collecting envelopes in Oxenhope and Marsh. Last year we raised over £2000 for the work of Christian Aid through the Pop-up charity shop alone.

To find out more about the work the Christian Aid are doing in this current crisis visit https://www.christianaid.org.uk/appeals/emergencies/coronavirus-emergency-appeal/rohingya