The Team

The Gathered Church

As a Baptist church we work with a congregational model of governance where the church meeting (of which in non Covid-19 times we have 6 per year) plays the most serious and essential role.  We believe that somehow God works through the church meeting to guide us in our decision making as we seek to discern the mind of Christ.

The Deacons

We have a wonderful team of Deacons who help make sure that everything runs smoothly and they look after the day to day running of the church.

Rev. Chris Upton

Chris has been the minister since 2000, when he came to West Lane as a student in training.    He is always reading and trying to wrestle with what it means to follow Christ authentically in today’s world.

After his 2012 sabbatical he gave a considered reflection on all that he learnt whilst ‘on holiday’ on September 23rd at 6pm in the chapel.  Reflections from a sabbatical

In October 2013 chris gave a lecture, “13 years in…” sharing what he believes about God, Jesus, the bible, the church and life in a small village. It was recorded and can be seen below.

Here is his Literature Review (the first hoop of the D. Prof)Lit review final apa

Here is the paper he gave at TinY (Theology in Yorkshire) in Feb 2016. anonymous lessons from a closed church 

Chris is usually found in or around the church and community office and is contactable on 07976 287117.